Camera Bean Bag Lens Support System

  • $59.95

Effective lens support system designed for use in wildlife, landscape, sport/event photography. Provides stable yet flexible support of multiple lens sizes. This American made bean bag camera support system is available in 3 sizes. 

Great for use in vehicle window, trunk, or hood. Can also be used on fenceposts, rocks, tree limbs and stumps, railings, or used as a support when shooting at ground level. Suggested fillers: dry beans, rice, bird seed, sunflower seeds, or (our favorite) buckwheat hulls.

Sizes include: small (5" wide x 9" long x 9" tall), large (7" wide x 9" long x 9" tall) and extra large (7" wide x 9" long x 12" tall).

Color options include: black, coyote, olive, navy, forest green, ACU Camo, Woodland Camo, Crye Multi-cam, ATACS, and much more.




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