Custom Sizes Are Available


If you need a different LENGTH than what is standard, DO NOT go up a size; instead, just provide your length measurement in the COMMENTS when adding the product to the shopping cart.



Example: If you have a 54" Chest and a 27" Length, then you should order an XL and note in Comments 27" Long


Chest adjusts from 36"-54" /  Length measures 22" long from shoulder to waist


Chest adjusts from 40"-58" /  Length measures 24" long from shoulder to waist


Chest adjusts from 47"-63" /  Length measures 25" long from shoulder to waist


Chest adjusts from 53"-69" /  Length measures 27" long from shoulder to waist


Chest adjusts from 57"- 73" /  Length measures 28" long from shoulder to waist


DO NOT order an XXL trying to get the length you need


Absolutely No Refunds, no exceptions! All of our products are custom and made to order so the item you order is specifically MADE FOR YOU! Many people that wear a 5XL Shirt can wear our 2XL Vests because they are so adjustable so order accordingly.




* Effective April 2022 we have change the design of the Radio Pouch Closure, We are unable to get the 5/8" Quick Release Buckle, so it's now an Adjustable Cord Lock Elastic Band with a Cord Lock, as time permits we will replace existing photos. *