ARES Single Radio Pack

  • $59.95

The ARES single radio chest pack you can carry your radio and stay hands free in the field. The zippered slip pocket can hold extra batteries, papers, pens, etc.

This single radio pouch holds the larger VHF/VHF style radio. If you need a smaller pouch for a smaller FRS / GPS type radio, mention that in the comments box PRIOR to adding it to your cart.

The ARES Single Radio Chest Pack includes:

  • Single Radio Pouch
  • Quick release buckle
  • Zippered slip pocket
  • Webbing loop
  • 3 way adjustable straps
  • Quality product manufactured in the USA
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Available in a variety of material colors

 * Effective April 2022 we have change the design of the Radio Pouch Closure, We are unable to get the 5/8" Quick Release Buckle, so it's now an Adjustable Cord Lock Elastic Band with a Cord Lock, as time permits we will replace existing photos. *




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