Bean bag Camera Support - No Tripod Needed

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 Can't Stand lugging around a tripod? You are not alone! Not only are tripods cumbersome, if you photograph wildlife by the time you get the tripod set up, you may have missed the action and the shot is gone.

Bean Bag Camera Support

Big Lens - Camera Bean Bag
Camera Support Bean Bag over railing

The camera support bean bag by The Vest Guy provides effective camera lens support system designed to provide a soft and flexible yet sturdy camera support for wildlife, landscape, sport, and event photography. The non-slip material on the top supports multiple lens sizes up to 800mm. The camera bean bag has a U-shaped notch on the bottom, also with non-slip material, so it can be placed on flat or uneven surfaces like a car window/door, truck, hood, fence posts, rocks, benches, tree branch, stumps, railing or even placed on the ground when shooting at ground level. The camera support bean bag also comes in handy where tripods are prohibited such as boats, museums, churches, galleries, etc.

The camera bean bag arrives unfilled unless you select the filled bean bag option. It is light and compact, making it travel friendly. The bean bag can be filled with dry beans, rice, bird seed, sunflower seeds or buckwheat hulls. Personally we prefer buckwheat hulls since they’re light weight. We took unfilled camera bean bags on our Africa Photography Tour; threw it in the suitcase unfilled, filled it with maze (dried corn) purchased at the Tanzania market, then donated the maze to some locals the day before we returned home.

Great for photographing birds from the car

Camera support beanbags are available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors.

  • SIZES: Small (5x9x9)  /  Large (9x9x9)  /  Extra Large (9x9x12)
  • COLORS: black, coyote, tan, ACU – Acupat, Digi Desert, OD – olive drab, A-TACS, A-TACS FG, Woodland Camo, Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Burgundy, Gray, forest green, florescent green, ACU Camo, Crye Multi-Cam, True Timber Mixed Pine, DWR True Timber HTC, and Pink Camo (see color options here).

The camera lens beanbag features a heavy duty velcro closure to ensure that your filling stays in the bag while still allowing you to add to whatever filling you use if it breaks down over time. The camera bean bag straps make carrying the bag convenient.

The camera support bean bag by The Vest Guy is made in the USA and backed by a LIFETIME workmanship warranty.

   Order yours here.

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