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Range Safety Officers (RSO) play an important role in ensuring guests visiting the gun ranges are safe. The Vest Guy is proud to be a Range Officer vest supplier to Range Officers throughout the world. (Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for an exclusive blog reader discount.)

Range Officer Safety Vest

The Range Officer vests have adjustable side straps that expands up to 8″ on each side, making it easy to wear over winter clothing or clinch down when worn with a short sleeve shirt. Firearms instructor and range master vests are available in mesh or material.

Range Master Vest

The basic mesh Range Safety Officer vest starts at $49.95. It’s a no frills ways to add professionalism and easy identification for your officers.

Chief Range Officer vest

Range Officer vests come in your choice of color, type (and quantity) of pockets, and a variety of add-on options. For instance, this Chief Range Officer ordered a mesh vest with a single pocket and clear ID sleeve. Send us your department/agency badges and patches and we’ll sew them onto your new vest for free.

This mid-range firearms instructor safety vest features 2 pleated velcro closure pockets, slip pockets behind the pleated pockets, and front and back reflective striping.

Firearms Instructor Vest

Name tags for the safety reflective vests can read Range Officer, Firearms Instructor, Chief Range Officer, Range Safety Officer, Range Master, NRA, or customized to whatever you’d like them to say. Name tags can be sewn on or on velcro backing; order multiple name tags and switch tags as needed.

Range Safety Officer Vest

Admittedly our products are more expensive than pre-made imported vests. We aren’t in business to compete with cheap disposable products; rather, we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality products designed to last a lifetime. With our products, you get EXACTLY what you want, a quicker turnaround time, no quantity requirements, and the comfort of knowing if something happens, it’s covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty. To give back to our blog followers, you can save 10% off Range Officer / Firearms Instructor products when you use coupon code “Blog” at TheVestGuy.com checkout. 

All of our products are made to order and can be 100% customized. From safety vests and photography vests, to armbands and radio chest packs, we do it all. Browse our products at TheVestGuy.com . If there is something specific you are looking for, give us a call at (801)725-0076.

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